The Top 10 Popular Online Games

It is a great year for new releases and prospecting online games. It seems that the online gaming market is being revitalized with innovation in gameplay. Some companies are listening to their customers and designing these games completely around customer feedback. This is a great concept to embrace and will lead to remarkable online games in the marketplace again. However, at this time we are going to focus on the top 10 popular online games currently available.

10. League of Legends

League of Legends is a MOBA real time strategy game, that some claim was a spinoff of DotA 2. League of Legends involves teamwork to conquer the other team’s base. Each game is accompanied by minions and the paths leading to the bases are guarded by defense towers.

9. Allods Online

Although some people claim Allods Online is a lot like WoW it is different in many ways. Allods Online caters to the PvP crowd and offers a wide variety of PvP content, including end-game ship vs ship battles.

8. World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft remain a favorite among die hard MMORPG fans. WoW continues to try to improve their content, by regularly updating and adding new content.

7. EVE Online

EVE Online is a popular online game that involves conquering space. Fans of EVE Online claim the game is the most immersive mmo out there with limitless game play and battles to be had. Explore the science fiction universe of EVE Online today!

6. Planetside 2

Planetside 2 is a free to play MMO shooter, that involves 3 factions battle for control. Players pick between the TR, NC, and Vanu. Each faction represents a unique side to Planetside 2, armed with empire specific armor, vehicles, and weapons Planetside 2 makes the game play immersive and engaging. Try Planetside 2 today, it’s free to play!

5. DotA 2

DotA 2 is the continuation of the DotA empire. DotA 2 is a real time strategy that typically involves 5 vs 5. The goal of each game is to destroy the enemies main base, although the path to the main base can take some time, most games finish in 15-20 minutes. However, some games can go over an hour.

4. Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 is an online MMORPG that put players against each other in epic PvP combat. Guild Wars 2 is the continuation of the Guild Wars idea, which hinges on Realm Vs Realm combat; these are huge battles that can contain a large amount of players. Check out Guild Wars 2 today!

3. Tera Online

Tera claims to be one of the first true action MMORPG, and promises intense and engaging gameplay. Tera does deliver and offers some epic PvP too! Tera is a free to play MMO so check it out today!

2. Neverwinter

Dungeon and Dragons – Neverwinter is based off of the classic role playing game Dungeons and Dragons. It is free to play action packed MMO that has a large amount of content and unique fighting styles!

1. Wildstar Online

Wildstar Online is one of the latest online games released. It offers a unique and fast paced combat system that can get very intense. Wildstar Online also offers open world pvp as well as a large amount of other PvP content such as arenas, battlegrounds, and warplots. You can be sure to find an epic PvP battle almost anywhere in Wildstar. You should really check it out today; you get the first month free by purchasing the game.

Hosting a Minecraft Server On a Cheap SSD VPS

You will never look at hosting a Minecraft server the same again.

When it comes to hosting a Minecraft server there are a lot of options available. You can utilize your home network (although it is not recommended) to create and run a server. You can use your shared hosting environment to run a server; while these options may be a viable solution for some, they do not come without risk. Hosting a Minecraft server on a cheap SSD VPS is not only a cost effective solution to enhance your Minecraft gameplay, but it is a more stable and secure environment to host your Minecraft server.

Hosting a Minecraft server on a wireless home network

If you utilize a wireless home network, you will notice at a certain point your server will begin to lag very badly. This can happen for a variety of reasons such as an unstable connection, a data transmission delay, or just too many players on the network. On top of that, you are at the mercy of your internet connection, and if you are on a specific plan hosting a Minecraft server on your wireless network may put you at risk of using too much data.

Utilizing a shared hosting environment for a Minecraft server

A shared hosting environment for a Minecraft server may look like a cost effective solution that is appealing to a lot of first time hosting users, however just as with a wireless connection there are many drawbacks to using a shared hosting environment. One of the largest drawbacks is data and bandwidth restrictions. You will notice that as you actually use your server that you may be at risk of going over certain restrictions that the shared hosting environment imposes. Another big downfall of the shared hosting environment is the fact that you are on shared hosting. That not only means that you are not in control of the hosting environment in a lot of ways, but that you can suffer from the negligence of others within your shared hosting. For example, if another user within your shared hosting causes the hosting to crash, this can directly impact your Minecraft server and gameplay. Another big risk with shared hosting is that it is not as secure as a Cheap VPS.

Hosting a Minecraft Server on a cheap SSD VPS

This is not only a cost effective solution; it is a more secure solution that provides you with complete control of your hosting environment. You do not have to worry about the pitfalls that come with shared hosting and a wireless connection. Choosing a SSD VPS to host your Minecraft server will provide you with the flexibility of a VPS hosting environment and the security of one as well. You will have plenty of room on your VPS for your server to provide a smooth gameplay experience free of lag. A VPS is one of the most secure and safe ways to host anything, and by using a cheap SSD VPS you will save a ton of money and be in complete control of your hosting environment and not have to worry about others affecting your gameplay.

Hosting a game server on a Windows VPS

Windows VPS hosting is an acronym for Microsoft Windows Virtual Private Server hosting. This is a server which is virtualized. The VPS hosting setting imitates a dedicated server within the environment of the shared hosting. The VPS hosting is technically shared and dedicated hosting so to speak. VPS utilizes servers that offer some if the same features and capabilities as dedicated servers such as:
• Admin access or root access
• Dedicated IP addresses
• Greater resources
• Full control over server space

Some of the same benefits of dedicated servers, except you pay less. VPS servers are shared unlike dedicated servers where an entire server is reserved. Even though the server is shared on a VPS, the accounts are isolated from one another effectively, but still allow users complete control over the space reserved in the server. Windows VPS hosting eliminates all the hassle of using dedicated servers all without losing the configurability.

A Windows VPS is referring to the virtualized server which runs an OS, operating system, from Microsoft that is known as Windows Server. In the always advancing technological world today, there are many different versions of a Windows server that are offered. Some Windows servers will use more system resources and some will use up less resources.

Hosting a game server on a Windows VPS is a great choice, because unlike regular shared hosting, you will have the room to allow your game server to perform. Not only that, but you will not be running your game server on your wireless connection, which is unstable and not always safe.

VPS hosting is one of the many different types of web hosting accounts that you are able to choose from to host a website online. In order to get a website onto the internet, you will be required to have the files for your website on the web server. When you purchase web hosting, it can be thought of like you are renting that space on the web server. This makes it possible for the average person to host websites online, because all that they have to do is upload the files for their site. They would not need to setup a server on their end.

Each server gets a set amount of recourses, CPU, HDD, and RAM, to utilize and is not allowed to go over the set amount of system recourses. In the event there is an issue with recourses, it is easily tracked down and is able to be resolved. A Windows Virtual Private Server has a GUI, Graphical User Interface, known as Remote Desktop. This GUI is able to give you access and manage the virtual server in the same simple manner you are able to manage the Home Desktop.

Who is Windows VPS hosting for?

A Windows VPS makes the perfect game server due to the stability and performance it brings. Microsoft Windows Virtual Private Server hosting is useful for individuals as well as businesses that manage high traffic websites. VPS allows admin access to initially install, then run, and manage virtually anything you need to on the server. Websites that run complex applications require a larger than normal amount of bandwidth. These websites would also benefit greatly from switching to Windows VPS Hosting.